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Setup Issues and Troubleshooting



  • desmond ling

    During setting up, network settings saved but unable to connect to server. Any idea why?

  • Sara Whipple

    Mine doesn’t spray after the flush, it sprays while you are sitting in the toilet usually getting a spray on you.

  • Gordon Tom

    I had multiple issues with getting setup completed in the android app.  There's obviously a lot of development that needs to be finished on the android side.

    1.  Couldn't get past the info splash screen on how many pods to use.  Had to switch to a tablet to get past the screen.

    2.  Then, couldn't get past the network settings with the tablet - had to switch to a third android device combined with a power cycle of the Shine to get the device registered on the Wifi network.

  • Allen Brown

    Just installed my Shine. Followed the directions to a tee. Everything seemed to be going fine. 

    However, now that everything is connected and registered, etc., the Shine does not spray... ever. The unit does not spray after a flush, and it does not spray while you are sitting on the toilet seat (like a previous commenter indicated). It does not spray at all.

    Please advise.

  • Jeremy Clark

    I'm having the same results as Allen above. Everything appears to be set up properly but it just never sprays.

  • Levi Davison

    I've also setup my shine unit and I'm having the same issue as desmond and customer service has helped me once and has not responded back to my emails and said they seen a couple error logs and was supposed to fix it in 3 days and this was on June 22 2021. No one is responding anymore to get back to me is anyone else having problems with customer service and this issue?

  • Gordon Tom

    I'm not sure if my experience is the same as others.  My spraying was very inconsistent at first, but I moved the water sensor as close as possible to the spigot/shutoff valve, and squeezed it extra tight on the line.  It starts the spray cycle much quicker now once the tank starts refilling.  My problem is the android app UI/UX is terrible and I had to switch back and forth between two devices to get it initially setup.

  • nathandick1

    Mine setup, then never sprayed. Same as others above. 2 work fine, 3rd never worked, even after charging for two days. Customer service wants to do a video call... But I work all day. Maybe one day Ill be home and can do it.

  • crashbrz

    Honestly, I'm very disappointed. 
    1- Its does no spray at all.
    2- The app "works," but there is no option to schedule or run the cleaning.
    3- They claimed there is Alexa integration, but I could not find anything related to it. The simple: "Alexa, cleat the toiled" does not work.


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